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A Voice Controlled Android Stopwatch

Feb 8, 2015 by     14 Comments    Posted under: Android

handsfree-stopwatchI just launched a little weekend project I’ve been working on. It’s pretty simple- An Android stopwatch app that lets you use voice commands to control it.

I got the idea while trying to learn how to do a handstand. I would kick up to a wall, then try to hold myself up for some amount of time. The only problem was, once I was up, I couldn’t start the timer! There was already one voice controlled stopwatch on the Android market, but it used online voice recognition, so was a significant lag between giving your command, and the stopwatch responding.

I decided I needed offline voice recognition to avoid that problem, and to allow you to use the timer when internet wasn’t available.

So anyways, the “Handsfree Stopwatch” (very creative name, right?) uses offline voice recognition to listen for your commands. You can set it to use any word or phrase, as long as it is in English. You can also choose to have an audio cue play at a designated interval, so while you’re up in your handstand you’ll know how much time has passed.

Here are a few screenshots. You can also check it out on the Google Play Store here.

voice-controlled-stopwatch voice-commands-stopwatch handsfree-stopwatch

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  • Love this app! Please add a lap feature that also reads out the lap time, and this would be perfect for drone racing

    • Yes please!

      • Is it still there? The play Store link doesn’t work. I would be happy to get a recommendation for something similar or even an app file of this

  • The link to the Google Play store is dead, does this app still exist? What is the app’s name?

  • I want this app but cant find it anywehere……….. help?!

  • I agree. I’d love to use this app. Please make it available again. Thank you!!

  • Any chance you would post link to the APK for this app. Really hoping to use it.

  • So this app is no longer available? That sucks. You would think with all the stupid technology today this type of app would new available. So flipping annoyed. When your running and wanting to knits the time of reach lap you break stride fiddling with your stupid watch or phone.

  • i think google censors/hides these good apps when google can’t make money from them

  • Is it possible to get apk. Would of course pay the play store price.

  • Could you please make this app available again?

  • I am experikmenting with aqua/hidro-ponic’s I was trying to measure my times to fill-refill my rails (*). The first change came at less than 7 secs, the second 14, i forgot to look a the water level and when I check it it did not make sence and I have to abort the measurings. I believe if you can integrate EXCELL or at least PDF.

    Information is gold…My personal definition of statistics is: “a bunch of workless informtion…untill you needed, or untill you lern how to profit from”

    Let me know if you decide to make it. I want one… for free lol!

    (*) PVC tubes perforated in certain way, and placed horizontally, to allow water based cultivation

  • Will this app be available again anytime soon?

  • I guess there’s no hope it will be available again? I would be willing to pay more than the usual 5€ for a working app.

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