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Quick Shapeoko DW660 Spindle Mount

Feb 24, 2014 by     No Comments    Posted under: Shapeoko

dw660 shapeoko mount

So the stock Z axis on the Shapeoko 2 doesn’t fit larger tools like the Dewalt DW660 or the Makita RT0700CX. ┬áIt’s pretty easy to find the gCode to cut out your own mounts, but how do you cut it out without being able to mount the spindle in the first place? It’ s a catch-22 that puzzles a lot of new Shapeoko owners.

Here’s a simple workaround that will get you up and running long enough to cut out some real mounts. Use 2 extra long zip ties pulled as tight as you can to hold the spindle to the Z axis , then mush in a blob of InstaMorph behind it on both sides to keep the tool from slipping while cutting. It’s surprisingly sturdy, and is easy to pop off when you want to replace it with real mounts.

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