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SiteGround Vs Dreamhost- Good To Be Back!

Jun 4, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: PHP

If you’ve visited my site lately, you may have noticed that it was incredibly slow. I’ve had my site hosted at SiteGround for several years, and have never had a problem with it. However, this year when my domain came up for renewal, I came across a promotion from Dreamhost for $20 for a year of hosting. Since my site’s pretty small, I figured I’d save a little money and give it a shot.

Needless to say, it didn’t turn out the way I hoped. My site slowed to a crawl, which for a tiny WordPress site is pretty surprising. I called up customer support to find out what was going on, and they told me that they couldn’t help me because I didn’t have a pro plan, but it looked like my site was being throttled because something was using up all my bandwidth. After a little digging around, I found the problem. Ironically, it was a box I had checked in Dreamhost’s own options that said “Beta! Page Speed Optimization?”. After unchecking the box, my site’s bandwidth went back down, but it didn’t get much faster.

never leaveWhat troubled me even more was knowing that having too much traffic would get my site throttled. In the event that suddenly a ton of people want to visit my site, I want to know that my server will be able to handle it.

My site stayed consistently slow for a month or so. It wasn’t really bad enough for me to do anything about it, but definitely wasn’t good. Most pages took about 5 seconds to load. All that changed when I was registering a new site I’ve been working on (more details on that coming up). I chose to put it on SiteGround, and noticed it was only a few extra dollars for the unlimited plan where you can host all the websites you want. So I went for the unlimited plan, moved my site back over, and here I am. Here’s to having a website that just works the way you want it to.

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