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Shape Bottle Caps With Instamorph

Apr 18, 2013 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized
Shape bottle caps without a bottle!

Shape bottle caps without a bottle!

I keep running into awesome things you can do with InstaMorph. I had a bunch of beer bottle caps that I needed for a project, but they come kind of flattened out, and the only way to shape them into the standard bottle cap shape is to use a capper tool to seal them onto a bottle. Then you have to carefully pry it off the bottle, probably denting the caps along the way.

Instead of going through that hassle, I just created a cylinder a little thinner than a beer cap out of Instamorph. I use that in place of a bottle, and use the capper tool to clamp the cap onto the cylinder. Since it’s a little smaller with no grooves, the cap goes on perfectly, then pops right back off with the perfect shape. The cylinder was a bit wobbly so I attached it to a flat base to stabilize everything. Perfect bottle caps every time!

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  • I love what you have created! I am wanting to make some earrings out of bottle caps (used) and would like to employ your method. Do have any tips or pointers on how you shaped your plastic? Sure appreciate the help! Thank you

    • Shaping the plastic is pretty easy. You just drop the beads into warm water until they turn clear, then shape them just like modeling clay. If it starts hardening before you’ve gotten the shape you want, you can drop the piece back into warm water to soften it up again.

      I think I created the cylinder part first, then warmed it back up so it became tacky enough that I could stick it onto the base. The good thing is that if you mess up you can just melt down everything you made and start over!

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