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Shapeoko CNC Build Progress

Dec 7, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Arduino, Shapeoko
Shapeoko in progress

X-Axis motor is ready to go!

I’m taking a break from building because I REALLY don’t want to tap any more aluminum tonight. I got my Shapeoko kit in the mail yesterday and spent a few hours assembling the plates. It was pretty quick going since everything is just bolted on. Then I got to the step where you have to tap your own screw threads in the Makerslide. Since I didn’t have a tap, I called it a night.

Today I grabbed a tap and got to work. Unfortunately, I’m cheap and decided I would use pliers instead of a tap handle. It worked, but it’s really hard and time consuming. I got 4 holes tapped, but I might call it a night again and go get the tap handle tomorrow.

Anyways, it’s looking pretty good. I’m pretty surprised I haven’t messed anything up yet. Here’s a preview of what’s left to do:

Shapeoko pieces

Still a lot of extra pieces…


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