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Kinect TV Mount Using Instamorph

Dec 22, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Kinect

If you have an Xbox Kinect, you might have run into trouble finding a place to put it. Many TV’s aren’t flat on top, so it can’t be placed above the TV. If you put it below on the TV stand, it takes up room and might not be as accurate. Here’s a cheap and easy fix: Make a custom mount out of InstaMorph.

I covered the top of the tv and the bottom of the Kinect in plastic wrap to protect them, then smooshed a wedge of Instamorph over the top of the tv to create a flat surface to rest the Kinect on. After it hardened, I removed the plastic wrap and used a little loop of masking tape to keep it from sliding off.

Voila! A perfect spot to rest the Kinect!

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